Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flora by Gucci The Garden - Glamorous Magnolia

If you happen to be looking for the perfect summer fragrance to wear this year, let me share this one that I've been wearing now for the last week. Because I am around so many fragrances each day, and have the opportunity to wear any one at any time, I can get slightly casual about choosing. I don't feel the need to really live with any particular one, nor have I taken on a 'signature' that I wear daily. That is, until now.

When the three scents included in this series were released beginning this Spring, they slipped right through my radar. Consequently we had quite a few new launches this season, one of them being Valentina by Valentino and well I was a goner when it came to that one. But now that a few months have passed and as it seems increasingly difficult to find that perfect summer scent that is light but complex enough to wear all day, this one has re-captured my attention. Sparkling and crisp, with hints of citrus, freesia, and a warm chocolate accord, it's a fragrance that will lighten your step and stay with you all your summer days.

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