Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pep Up

I had a whopper of a day.  I spent the entire afternoon at a local food bank while volunteering on my company's behalf.  My time was paid for; although I would've done it anyway.  This was my first real volunteering experience, and after years of wanting to get more involved, I finally have.  I don't know what my excuses are for it taking this long; although it does take a toll on my spirit.

It's difficult for me not to get emotional over some of the things I saw today, but I think it would be more difficult not to stay involved.  I feel better about trying to do what I can to make a bit of a difference.  And more than anything I feel grateful.  Many of us have so much in this country, yet somehow we seek more.  And many of us have so little, and yet seek just enough.  Each day I try to be happy with what I have, because at the end of it, I have what I need for myself and my family.  I even have a little bit more, like the opportunity to pick up a favorite chocolate bar and scented candle at the end of a tough day.  Just to brighten my mood a bit, and remember how lucky I truly am...

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