Monday, June 11, 2012

PJ's and Pedals

There's a lot about our backyard I'd love to change. It's been pretty much the same for the last six years we've lived in our house, with no real layout or design and lots of randomness. Over the years it's seen many incarnations; from a backyard camp site to a canopied oasis, to a place for storage. We've never invested in actual outdoor furniture, yet somehow manage to always have somewhere to sit (blankets sprawled across the grass, our indoor dining table brought out for al fresco meals... ).

I study outdoor spaces on home design websites and always say to myself 'this year we will have some outdoor order!' And then, before I blink, summer is over. We are after all, in the Puget Sound, where summer doesn't begin until after 4th of July, and the crispness of Fall can be felt like clockwork by October 1st.

What I wouldn't change are all the memories that have managed to be made among the mess. My son running through the line-dried clothes, burgers being barbecued last minute on the Hibachi, water-balloon fights ending with both my husband and I falling flat into the kiddie pool with laughter; and my son, pedaling his heart out in his pj's. While I am one to prefer an aesthetically pleasing environment, I know from experience my happiness doesn't depend on it... but maybe this year, an outdoor furniture set just might add to the delight.

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