Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opening Day - New Wave Pool

We had a blast at opening day of the brand new wave pool that just opened blocks from our house. Ground broke for this project last summer and I remember thinking how great it would be if it were done right then, so my son and I wouldn't have to trek over to the next neighborhood for swim sessions. It's remarkable how fast a year has gone by, and time flying is something I'm getting more used to every day now since we've had our little one. The timing on this location couldn't be better; now that I've returned back to work we are on a bit of a shorter supply of the invaluable commodity. Not only is this pool only open swim, but weather permitting, it has evening hours. They offer season passes and we'll be picking ours up this month!


Mandy Siegmund said...

Wow! Looks like an amazingly fun place. Can't wait to come up for a visit and check it out with you :-)

Barbara said...

Thanks Mandy, it's so fun! The boys are going to have a blast!!